About Us

Bitscoop is a cryptocurrency news platform to provide latest information and updates about top cryptocurrencies. It was created as an alternative media outlet for crypto advocates and blockchain enthusiasts.This website provides in-depth analysis of cryptocurrencies with news, articles, timelines and tutorials about bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin and other popular coins worth mentioning. Bitscoop is not just another cryptocurrency price comparison website or a blogging site devoted only to crypto. It is the ultimate destination that provides comprehensive guides on how to invest in various cryptocurrencies while also providing their price comparison features.It all started few months ago when I decided to create Bitscoop which was originally named Bitcoin News Hub back then. The aim of this website was to aggregate all the information available regarding bitcoins, altcoins, cryptoassets or anything related to crypto world into single easily accessible source that requires no registration as we are anonymous group of enthusiasts interested in this domain.We review ICOs, analyse market data and break down upcoming events for the Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies.Bitscoop has been around since 2013 but officially launched in January 2018. It all started when myself (CEO) and my co-founder had an idea that there was a lack of information about Bitcoin (BTC). A lot of people were speculating on whether it would go up or down and we realised there was no way of predicting what would happen. So we decided to provide a platform where we would talk about the latest developments in blockchain technology and the latest events happening with BTC, ETH and other popular cryptocurrencies on a daily basis